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LIVFRESH Toothpaste Dental Gel

LIVFRESH Toothpaste Dental Gel

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Color: Whitening, Foaming, Wintergreen


  • LIVFRESH Toothpaste Dental Gel is clinically tested to remove up to 250% more plaque, improve gum health by 190%, eliminate bad breath, soothe dry mouth, and whiten teeth. Our technology is supported by 26 studies, has over 40 patents, and is the product of 10 years of R&D from Stanford and Berkeley PhDs and scientists. Our patented formula breaks the bond between plaque and teeth, removing it and preventing re-formation. Recommended by thousands of dentists, LIVFRESH can save you money on dental bills.

Part Number: LIV1153

EAN: 0864584000166

Package Dimensions: 5.3 x 1.5 x 1.4 inches

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